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Why eColl?

New Generation Student, Teacher, Parent Social Media

Adapt to Education 4.0 by creating regular interaction between teachers, parents, and students with your private social media.

Everything you need for education is in your hands
A mobile platform that digitizes all the needs of students, teachers, parents and administrators.
Live Lessons

With an integrated live lesson module where you can see which student is active and when, without time restrictions.

Students, teachers, parents, and administrators come together under one roof.

Everyone Finds What They're Looking For About Education


eColl puts school at students' fingertips. Live lessons, exams, assignments, grades, events, communication with teachers and more...


Parents can track all the work of the school, how their child is educated and observe the whole process. If necessary, it can directly communicate with teachers and managers.


It prevents teachers from spending more time on filling in notebooks and stationery.
It allows for more efficient evaluation of exam results.


Managers can measure the performance of their schools, teachers, students and digitize all their educational processes. Also they can provide a secure, private digital school environment for teachers, students and parents.


They have a panel where they can see all their branches from a bird's eye view. They can measure the performance and work of their school.

All-In-One Platform

13 Different Modules

13 Different Modules

Explore the features of eColl

Assessment and Evaluation

Institutions can conduct online and face-to-face trial exams for their students and report this on the system.

Homework Tracking

Teachers can assign homework and perform feedback through the app.

Attendance Tracking

Teachers can take the attendance of the students who attend their classes and these attendances can be archived within the application.

Online Course

Institutions can conduct distance education with the class or student group they want, and even hold parent meetings over the system.

Education TV

Smartboard compatible books and videos can be accessed digitally.

Social Network

Students' photos and event photos can be shared on a secure social network.


The studies and trial results taken by the students can be viewed in detail.


The course schedule can be made through the application and distributed to users with a single click.

Records Management

Separate records can be created for administrators, teachers, students and parents.

Daily Report

Students' end-of-day evaluation reports can be sent and recorded through the system.


All institutional notifications can be made through the application, any file can be sent.


All institutional accounting transactions can be carried out through a single application.

Online Archive

Online courses are recorded and then students can access their course records.

Study Management

Teachers and administrators can assign etudes to their students.
Continue your education without interruption thanks to online or face-to-face training.  

You can access publications within the eColl application without the need for any other application.

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What they say about us?

"The main problem of all educational institutions is to communicate well with parents, to follow their students and to measure the quality of the service provided by recording them. eColl provides all of these."
Murat Taş
Açı Educational Institutions Coordinator

"Thanks to eColl, teachers and parents can communicate effectively. Teachers' work becomes easier and parents can be aware of all their children's situations."
Tuğba Kılıç
English Teacher
"The biggest anxiety of the parents is what my child did at school, did he eat his dinner, what kind of activities did he do? What is done every day is shared to the fullest in eColl. I feel very comfortable."
Halenur İnan
Parent of Student


Frequently Asked Questions

You can follow two different accounts in one application. After logging into your second account with the add account button in the system, you can switch between accounts using the select user button.

Our parents and students can view the study and one-to-one lessons created by administrators and teachers in the curriculum.

Our parents can follow the daily attendance of students from the attendance information section of their own panel.

You can easily download the eColl application from AppStore and PlayStore.

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